What do we do? I am glad you asked.

First, we seek to live out our Christ-centered beliefs in ourselves, our homes, our work, our communities and the world.

Second, to do the first we listen to the Spirit as the Spirit directs us to the work at hand. Some of the ways we do this is serving the local Lions’ Club, providing cold weather materials to our local elementary school, and helping our community recover from the tornado which came through our town May 2019.

Third, there is an old saying that goes something like this, “Many hands make the work light.” If you would like to help us with your “hands” (meaning talents, treasures, or time), then send Pastor Bianca and email, drop us a note, or better yet, come to church and let us know what you are called to do.

Lastly, we are here for everyone. We live that.

Pastor Bianca